Solutions for all industries. Our portfolio showcases a diverse range of products. We cater to several different industries, as medical and healthcare devices, mobility, consumer goods and agriculture. Whichever industry you are in, we have problem solvers minds and different technologies to bring the right solution for your business.

Medical & Healthcare

With the increasing value and awareness of health, physical and mental, there is a growing demand for products and services that enhance well-being. The medical and healthcare industries are becoming more human-centred, focusing in the consumer needs. This shift in perspective opens up new opportunities in digitalization and product/service design, creating a better experience for the end consumer.

Urban & Mobility

As one of the main economic factors driving the economies world-wide, we deliver nothing short of precision in a short time frame. The automotive industry increasingly demands rapid prototyping and manufacturing to be more cost efficient and ensure that final productions go smoothly. While precision and efficiency remain crucial, it’s also important to address the growing awareness of the need for sustainability, especially in the mobility area. Therefore, we explore innovative solutions that align with these values and meet the evolving needs of more and more environmentally conscious consumers.

Consumer Goods

In this diverse industry segment, versatility and flexibility are important to deliver innovative design and functionality. With companies needing to develop products aimed at the end user, the consumer has to be at the heart of the design. Focusing on the user experience is a key success factor for us. Today, considering sustainability and integrating it into product functionality is also crucial. The industry is progressively more consumer-centric and the truth is that consumers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of applying sustainability in their daily lives.

Agriculture & Industry

Several trends in the areas of 3D printing, artificial intelligence, sustainability, or transport promise to develop in response to industry, which is also expanding and adapting to evolution. Agriculture & Industry have many requirements to meet. Always side by side with our client in the product development process, we respond to these needs with solutions that improve the look, functionality and cost of production.