Red Dot Product Design Award - 2014 - Grandesign
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Red Dot Product Design Award – 2014

The BIOSYSTEMS BA400 analyser is awarded the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014″ for its high design quality. Once again, GRANDESIGN convinced the 40-member expert panel of the Red Dot Award, with the high design quality of the BIOSYSTEMS BA400 clinical chemistry analyser. In this year’s competition, the international experts discussed and evaluated 4,815 entries from 53 countries, with only 1.120 designs winning over the jury and awarded for their quality and innovative strength. The BIOSYSTEMS BA400 analyser was successful and received the coveted “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014” quality seal as its deserved reward, in the “Life science and medicine” category.

The result of an enlarged partnership between GRANDESIGN, the BIOSYSTEMS product development team, and group of VANGEST expert companies (which included the engineering team of DT2, DT2-RMC’s prototyping team and MOLIPOREX tooling experts) the BA400 clinical chemistry analyser was designed and developed to incorporate the latest and best technical solutions within a bold design. This approach was defined from the start of the project, to strengthen the product’s ease-of-use and uniqueness through highquality design, and to ensure a complete integration of all components, in a dynamic balance that intensifies its strong visual impression.

This award is proof of how competitive and mature the market is today, with the huge success of such a bold and expressive design in a traditionally conservative market as is the medical sector. And, like with last year's award for BexenCardio's Reanibex R800 defibrillator, this award acknowledges the high quality of design our clients expect from GRANDESIGN, as we keep pushing for the most innovative solutions and greater added value for their products. João Ornelas.