(latim Dolor, -oris)
Dores, portuguese plural word for Pain:
  • A feeling of physical suffering caused by injury or illness;
  • Emotional or mental suffering.

We have 25 years of history and expertise, but our essence remains the same. At our core, we believe in the power of collaboration and customer involvement throughout the product development cycle.

We believe this is the way to put into practice what we are: RESOLVEDORES. And what is this? It’s actively listening to the client, understanding where their pain is, what problem needs to be solved and taking action, as problem shooters, turning them into solutions.

Meet the team

With a multidisciplinary team that combines energy and experience, we are passionate about finding innovative solutions and guiding the client through the entire product development journey.
Sérgio Martins

Bussiness Development Officer

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Jorge Inácio

Industrial Designer

Vanda Amor

Product & Graphic Designer

Ricardo Gaspar

Key Account Manager

Isabel Brazão


Miguel & Gonçalo




Bruno Costa


Joana Silva


Bruno Mendes


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